Launching of Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative in Guyana

Yesterday, the Guyana Animation Network (also known as GAN) Inc., a non-profit orgGirls-in-ICT-Logoanization established to provide creative opportunities for youth, launched their first Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative, under the theme, “Educate, Enhance, Empower”. After several meetings focused on creating school-based innovation projects last year, the Executive Team of GAN identified the Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative as their first major activity for the new school term in 2017.


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Of  the four schools identified to facilitate this one-month long project, two of them –  Marian Academy and The Bishops’ High School – commenced their first session yesterday. The first session featured highly interactive conversations with the girls from both schools. The conversations highlighted the role of girls in ICT, from global, regional and local perspectives, examples of girls in ICT projects around the world, and opportunities available. The students demonstrated their full understanding of the subject matter and were willing to give their feedback. To a question on the importance of starting entrepreneurial endeavors NOW (the NOW Agenda) and not later, one 13-year old student of Marian Academy said,

…it also gives you the experience and helps you when you get older. If you want to go into the world of business as a young woman, people can look at you and probably be motivated by your spirit and your accomplishments.”


At the Bishops’ High School, Rebekah, an 11 year old was very passionate in her analysis of some of the innovative projects being done by young women and girls in ICT in Rwanda. She said,

When you think of Rwanda… it actually is a great country especially trying to develop girls with an interest in IT; it brings out what they think inside, what they want to develop their country.

Founder of the Guyana Animation Network, Ms. Jubilanté Cutting with students, Rebekah (11 years old) and Maria (13 years old)
Founder of the Guyana Animation Network, Ms. Jubilanté Cutting with students, Rebekah (11 years old) and Maria (13 years old).

11 year old, Rebekah also expressed that,

Girls might think that males are dominant in everything but it’s not! It’s not because girls also have a brain…we have one too!

The girls at both schools were assigned two volunteers who would be responsible for running the next three sessions. They were briefed on the signal activity, the Girls in ICT Interschools’ Competition, which would feature innovative products and services designed by the girls.

GAN Volunteers: Ms. Lisa Das and Ms. Ashley Anthony (L-R)

Over the next few weeks, the girls will become more aware of, and educated about the opportunities, challenges and misconceptions associated with the involvement of women and girls in information, communication technologies (ICTs) careers. They will be provided with tools to enhance their skills, knowledge, access to and use of relevant technologies so as to empower them to envision their future as creative, innovative and experienced ICT professionals.

The GAN Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative is sponsored by the Guyana Animation Network’s Annual Digital Painting Summer Camp 2017.


About the Guyana Animation Network Inc.: Guyana Animation Network Inc., popularly known as GAN is a non-profit organization in Guyana, S.A driven by youth, creativity, the arts, animation, digital media and technology. Founded in 2016, GAN has over 80+ registered members, 15+ volunteers, 100+ student beneficiaries and 50+ corporate connections with local and overseas experts, tech entrepreneurs, other entrepreneurs and NGOs.


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  1. Very good initiative in winning the next generation girls by helping them to own their future, ideas, business etc NOW


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