About Us



To provide and optimize local opportunities for animators, digital content creators, producers, directors, filmmakers, artists, students and other members of Guyana’s creative community.


The Guyana Animation Network is a movement fueled by the youth of Guyana. We aspire for Guyanese from all backgrounds to capitalize on the opportunities available in animation and digital media as well as within their career and educational pursuits so that Guyana can develop a globally recognizable industry driven by its people.

We value commitment, creativity and a positive approach towards collaborating with local, regional and international organizations, studios, start-ups, freelancers and youth to achieve our mission.

We wish to actively support and develop a network of Guyanese who can help each other achieve success at every stage of the animation or digital media mechanisms. This change will be visible when results such as: a larger number of Guyanese with the ability to create their own digital characters; an increase in Guyanese and youth-led startups and animation studios and an increase in the number of Guyanese enrolled in animation and Digital Media Courses or employed at well-known international studios like Sony, Disney, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Electronic Arts and others.


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