Guyana Animation Network Inc.

The Guyana Animation Network Inc. commonly referred to as GAN, has ventured into one of the most unconventional causes in Guyana and the Caribbean. With the vision,  “To lead, activate and contribute to change in Guyana’s Animation and Digital Media Industries”, this non-profit organization creates multi-dimensional levels of connectivity for the digital and creative community in Guyana, particularly at the youth level.

Founded in 2016, GAN actively provides digital and creative skills training opportunities to children and youth in Guyana and the Caribbean by connecting them with leading local and global experts.

Our Vision:

“To lead, activate and contribute to change in Guyana’s Animation and Digital Media Industries”


To provide and optimize local opportunities for animators, digital content creators, producers, directors, filmmakers, artists, students and other members of Guyana’s creative community.

We are a movement fueled by the youth of Guyana. We are committed to ensuring that our activities continue to reach Guyanese of all backgrounds. We value commitment, creativity and a positive approach towards collaborating with local, regional and international organizations, studios, start-ups, freelancers and youth to achieve our mission.

Our main activities are Annual Digital Painting Summer Camp, Creating Creative Connections and the Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative aimed at inspiring innovation and creativity. The organization also organizes trips to international festivals, conferences and events for training, employment and exposure.

After only one year of official operation, the organization has 80+ registered members, 189+ student beneficiaries, 15+ special projects volunteers and 50+ public-private local and overseas corporate connections.

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